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Artificial Intelligence

With our teachers experience, you don’t need to be a math or research expert to apply machine learning. We will not only get you to where the fish are, we will teach you to fish for yourself. (Artificial Intelligence 1, Artificial Intelligence 2, Artificial Intelligence Advanced)

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can transform your health system! Whether you need it to isolate information or create actionable results for patient care your team needs to understand how to create programs. (Natural Language Programming 1, Natural Language Programming 2, Chatbots)

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a requirement for every enterprise. The entry level class gives some basic tools through excel and spends the rest of the time focusing on how is healthcare data structured and analyzed. Advanced classes dive into SQL and explore your data domain (Requires BAA)

Leadership Training

Successful leaders and teams need the opportunity for training. Three classes are specifically designed to tackle these needs. “Leadership, Management, and Planning”, “Introduction to Project Management”, and “Healthcare workflow process improvement”

Other Classes:

Care Coordination and Interoperable Health IT Systems
Health Management Information System
History of Health Information Technology in the U.S.
Installation and Maintenance of Health IT Systems
Introduction to Health Care and Public Health in the U.S.
Introduction to Information and Computer Science
Networking and Health Information Exchange
Patient-Centered Care
Population Health
Professionalism/Customer Service in the Health Environment
Public Health IT
Quality Improvement
Terminology in Health Care and Public Health Settings
The Culture of Health Care
Training and Instructional Design
Usability and Human Factors
Value-Based Care
Working in Teams
Working with Health IT Systems


These have been tremendously helpful and I have learned more from them than any others in my nine years of managing Informatics projects. As a teacher you have been a pleasure and it is evident you are a thoughtful and well-informed expert in the field.

I’m definitely interested in these learning opportunities!  And you’re a great teacher!!  It’s also been wonderful to see learners from other institutions in this setting – truly a big plus!